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Once you’ve planned your publication, you’re ready to use reporting guidelines to write your first draft. We’ll cover the structure of a journal article, what info goes where, and common pitfalls to avoid in each article section.


You've got a solid plan for your research article. Now you need the optimum order to write the article in (hint: not the order the information appears in!) and to split apart the writing and editing processes. You'll learn how to keep your methods and results from creeping into the wrong section, how to balance your introduction and discussion, and how to use a reporting guideline to make the whole process that much esaier.

We have dedicated separate sessions for writing up your statistical analysis, abstract, and title, and how to take the rough draft to a polished manuscript.


This EQUATOR workshop will be led by Dr Jen de Beyer. Jen is CSM’s science writing, dissemination, and publication specialist. She’s here to help your research reach its full potential through clear, complete writing and communication skills that help you reach your target audience. She develops resources on how to write fantastic health research articles and teaches science writing skills through the UK EQUATOR Centre


This workshop is open to University of Oxford staff and students. Booking is required. Please email Caroline Struthers  and register through our Eventbrite page if you would like to attend this session.

EQUATOR Lightning Workshops 2018

Light up your research with new writing and publication skills with EQUATOR Lightning Workshops. These monthly workshops are given by writing and methods experts from the UK EQUATOR Centre and the Centre for Statistics in Medicine.

The full schedule for 2018 can be found here.