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Principal Investigators

Doug Altman

Professor of Statistics in Medicine and Director of the UK EQUATOR Centre

Jacqueline Birks

NIHR - OXBRC Senior Medical Statistician

Gary Collins

Professor of Medical Statistics

Jonathan Cook

Associate Professor

Susan Dutton

OCTRU Lead Statistician

Sally Hopewell

Associate Professor

Andrew Judge

Honorary Departmental Professor

Sallie Lamb

Professor and Director of CSM

Sharon Love

Deputy Director of CSM and Senior Statistician

Daniel Prieto-Alhambra

Associate Professor and NIHR Clinician Scientist

Marialena Trivella

Senior Medical Statistician

Rafael Pinedo Villanueva

University Research Lecturer

CSM Team

Usama Ali

Medical Statistician

Vicki Barber

OCTRU Hub Manager and CSM Operations Manager

Klara Berencsi

DPhil Student

Jennifer De Beyer

Research Coordinator / Publication and Dissemination Specialist

Joanna Black

OCTRU Head of Quality and Regulatory Affairs

Ed Burn

DPhil Student

Katie Chegwin

Apprentice Clinical Trial Support Officer

Lei Clifton

Senior Medical Statistician

Bethan Copsey

DPhil Student

Paloma O'Dogherty Cordero

P.A to Daniel Prieto-Alhambra and Research Facilitator

Tim Cranston

Lead Trials Programmer

Sue Davolls

Executive Assistant to the Co-Director of OCTRU (Prof. Sallie Lamb)

Antonella Delmestri

Senior Database Manager

Paula Dhiman

Postdoctoral Researcher in Meta Research

Melina Dritsaki

OCTRU Senior Health Economist

Peter Dutton

Medical Statistician

Katherine Edwards

Imaging Assistant

Lucy Eldridge

Senior OCTRU Database Officer

Leena Elhussein

Medical Statistician

Eleni Frangou

Medical Statistician

Cesar Garriga

Postdoctoral Researcher

Stephen Gerry

Medical Statistician and NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow

Emma Haines

OCTRU - Quality Assurance and Administration Manager

Samuel Hawley


Jane Holmes

Medical Statistician

Patrick Julier

OCTRU Head of Programming

Nikolaos Kadoglou

Honourary Departmental Research Fellow in Heart Failure

Asif Kamal

OCTRU Trials Programmer

Sujin Kang

Honorary Departmental Medical Statistician

Sara Khalid


Shona Kirtley

EQUATOR Knowledge and Information Manager

Ruth Knight

Medical Statistician

Jie Ma

Medical Statistician

Angela MacCarthy

EQUATOR Oncology Research Fellow

Ioana Marian

Medical Statistician

Seid Mohammed

Medical Statistician

Maria Vazquez Montes

Senior Statistician

Joanna Moschandreas

Senior Medical Statistician

Heather O'Connor

Medical Statistician

Ayodele Odutayo

DPhil Student

May Ee Png

Research Fellow in Health Economics/ OCTRU Health Economist

Cathy Qi

Medical Statistician

Gavin Reilly

Medical Statistician

Corran Roberts

Medical Statistician

Danielle Robinson

Research Assistant in Statistics

Ines Rombach

Medical Statistician

Maria Sanchez Santos

Epidemiologist Statistician

Michael Maia Schlussel

Medical Statistician

Simon Shayler

OCTRU Clinical Trials Programmer

Beverly Shirkey

Medical Statistician

Iveta Simera

UK EQUATOR Centre Fellow

William Sones

Medical Statistician

Victoria Y Strauss

Senior Medical Statistician

Caroline Struthers

EQUATOR Education and Training Manager

Pradeep Virdee

Medical Statistician

Jacqueline Wright

CSM Financial Officer