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Pradeep Virdee

BSc, MSc

Medical Statistician

The Art of Statistics; Collaborative Medical Research; Methodological Science

My goal is to apply each of these to find and fill in the missing pieces needed for a heartier, happier and healthier future.

About Me

From advising on the design at setup to the dissemination of results to the clinical community at the end, my responsibilities include providing statistical expertise in the execution of oncology clinical trials of all sizes, covering a range of cancer types.

One of my main interests as a statistician is statistical programming, where I strive to improve efficiency, such as making handling data easier and less time-consuming. I am passionate about working collaboratively, so as to improve productivity in clinical research. I am keen to share my skills of good practice.

My current projects include FOXFIRE (a randomised, multi-centre, phase 3 trial using selective internal radiation therapy to improve outcomes in metastatic colorectal cancer) and SCALOP-2 (a multi-stage, randomised, multi-centre, phase 2 trial intensifying standard treatments for non-metastatic pancreatic cancer to improve outcomes).

Additional projects of mine focus on improving technology and imaging assessments in regards to cancer diagnosis, such as ART (an observational study evaluating changes in functional images after treatment with chemo-radiotherapy in anal squamous cell carcinoma).

I am a member of independent committees that monitor and oversee trials and I collaborate in methodological research, such as systematic reviews.

In 2016, I was awarded with one of the University of Oxford's Awards for Excellence for my consistent exceptional performance.

I joined CSM in August 2014 to work in a team of applied statisticians. Before joining CSM, I graduated from Coventry University in 2012 with a BSc in Mathematics. The following year, I graduated from the University of Leicester with an MSc in Medical Statistics.