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Iveta Simera


Deputy Director of the UK EQUATOR Centre

Accomplished results-driven programme manager, researcher and trainer

At the UK EQUATOR Centre – embedded in the Centre for Statistics in Medicine – I lead key projects such as the development of the EQUATOR online resource portal and EQUATOR’s innovative training programme. My work has established the EQUATOR Network as an internationally recognised programme that helps researchers in writing and publishing accurate, transparent and usable research reports. I am also Programme Manager for the wider EQUATOR Network and am a member of the international EQUATOR Steering Group.

Under my leadership, the EQUATOR online portal has developed into a respected resource for medical research publication. With more than 1.3 million users to date, the portal has had a substantial national and international impact. EQUATOR Publication School, a flagship course developed by our Centre, has become a successful model for building skills in research writing, publication and dissemination. My team collaborates with researchers, editors, publishers, and numerous national and international organisations to promote transparent and reproducible publication of health research. 

I have a longstanding interest in improving the quality of health research studies and scientific publications. My professional interests include the ethical conduct and publication of medical research, development of education and training, research synthesis, knowledge management, and project management. I am also an experienced research ethics committee member.

I have a PhD degree in Plant Genetics from Charles University in Prague and a degree in Business Administration from Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne. Since moving to England in 2000, I have held various research and project management positions at the Cochrane Collaboration, Royal College of Nursing Institute, and University College London. I joined CSM in 2006 to help launch the EQUATOR Network. In 2016, I successfully achieved the PRINCE 2 Foundation and Practitioner project management qualification.

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