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Clinical trials

Dolphin: Optimising Nutrition to Improve Growth and Reduce Neurodisabilities in Neonates at risk of Neurological Impairment

Dr Peter Sullivan and his colleagues are investigating whether nutritional interventions can improve neurodevelopmental outcomes in newborn children who are at significant risk of neurological impairment. This study is closed and the collected data are being analysed.

Jane Holmes

SPOCCL: Supporting Parents of Children with Cleft Lip

This registered randomised trial run by the Department of Psychiatry looks at different ways of helping families with a baby with cleft lip. Families will take part in either sessions of advice and information, or sessions where daily play will be recorded, then played back and discussed. Both kinds of sessions will take place in the home with a psychologist.

This study is currently recruiting. If you have a baby born with a cleft lip and are interested in taking part, please read more here.

Stephen Gerry

Other clinical research

BRC-4P:  The Pregnancy Physiology Pattern Prediction Study

A Modified Obstetric Early Warning Score (MEOWS) is urgently needed to help obstetricians identify at-risk pregnant women. This observational cohort study will follow 600 women with low-risk pregnancies from <14 weeks’ gestation to 2 weeks after delivery.

A midwife will record physiological data from these women numerous times during their pregnancies, such as blood pressure, temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate, and oxygen saturation. The women will also collect daily data themselves in the two weeks after birth. 

The dataset will form a record of what a low risk pregnancy looks like and will be used to develop an early warning score system.

This study is run by the Oxford Safer Pregnancy Alliance and the Oxford Biomedical Research Centre and is funded by the NIHR.

Jacqueline Birks, Lei Clifton, and Stephen Gerry

Foetal and Neonatal Cardiac Data Analysis

Dr Adam Lewandowski of the Cardiovascular Clinical Research Facility, Radcliffe Department of Medicine, is investigating how pre-term birth can affect the heart. He is using data collected from pregnant mothers and newborns in two published clinical trials to compare the cardiac characteristics of pre-term and full-term babies.

Lei Clifton

INTERGROWTH-21ST: The International Foetal and Newborn Growth Consortium

INTERGROWTH-21st logoINTERGROWTH-21st is developing new "prescriptive" standards that describe normal foetal growth, preterm growth and newborn nutritional status in eight geographically diverse populations. It will relate these standards to neonatal health risk. These tools can be used to improve infants’ healthcare and nutritional status worldwide. 

Doug Altman and Eric Ohuma