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Clinical Trials

TARDOX: Targeted Chemotherapy Using Focused Ultrasound for Liver Tumours

One of the problems with traditional chemotherapy delivered through the bloodstream is that the drug is active everywhere in the body, causing well-known side effects.

TARDOX is a phase 1 clinical trial that tests a new chemotherapy delivery system that will target the active drug at the tumour site, where it is needed. A well-established chemotherapy drug, doxorubicin, is locked inside lipid particles, forming the drug ThermoDox®. ThermoDox® releases its drug when heated up.

This study will use focused ultrasound to heat solid primary and metastatic liver tumours. It will test whether this heat can cause enough active drug to be released from ThermoDox® at the tumour, and whether the heat will damage the surrounding tissue.

This study is run by OCTO.

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