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Clinical Trials

6MP-BRCA: Phase II Clinical Trial Of 6-Mercaptopurine (6MP) and Low-Dose Methotrexate In Patients With Known BRCA Defective Tumours

6MP-BRCA is a phase II clinical trial of 63 women with ovarian or breast cancer who had a BRCA mutation. It tests the safety and efficacy of 6-mercaptopurine (6MP) with low dose methotrexate in treating these participants. 6MP is a similar chemical compound to an existing treatment, but may be less toxic.

The study is run by OCTO and funded by CRUK.

Sharon Love, Victoria Strauss, and Corran Roberts

OXO-PCR-01: A Single-Centre Prospective Phase 0 Translational Study for Predicting Response of High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancers to Paclitaxel Chemotherapy

OXO-PCR-01 is a single-centre prospective phase 0 translational study. Paclitaxel chemotherapy is a well-established treatment that works well for some patients with ovarian cancer, but doesn't work for others. This study aims to help doctors predict who will respond well to paclitaxel chemotherapy for ovarian cancer.

The study is run by OCTO and funded by CRUK.

Sharon Love, Pradeep Virdee, and Gavin Reilly