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Clinical trials

CAMELLIA: Phase I dose escalation trial of IMP in acute myeloid leukaemia 

This multicentre, non-randomised trial will test the safe dose of an antibody for use in patients with acute myeloid leukaemia. CAMELLIA is currently being set up and is run by OCTRU.  

Sharon Love and Corran Roberts

CHOP-OR: Study of Cyclophosphamide, Hydroxydaunorubicin, Oncovin, Prednisone With Ofatumumab in Patients With Richter's Syndrome 

Richter's syndrome is a non-Hodgkin lymphoma that develops from chronic lymphocytic leukemia. CHOP-OR is a single-arm multicentre non-randomised Phase II trial. It tests whether adding a next-generation monoclonal antibody, Ofatumumab, to a standard chemotherapy protocol will improve the prognosis of patients newly diagnosed with Richter's syndrome. CHOP-OR is run by OCTO. It is closed to recruitment and is in follow-up. 

Sharon Love and Corran Roberts

IntReALL HR: International study for treatment of high risk childhood relapsed ALL 2010

IntReALL logoIntReALL is a multicentre phase III randomised controlled trial comparing two established protocols for treating relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in children, with and without the addition of the drug Epratuzumab.

Sharon Love, Joanna Moschandreas, Jane Holmes and Cathy Qi