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We develop reporting and outcomes guidelines, and monitor their uptake and usage

Reporting and outcomes guidelines

Reporting guidelines

Research studies must be reported fully. If a publication is missing key information, then it cannot be understood by its readers, cannot be reproduced, and cannot be included in the systematic reviews that inform clinical decision-making. Reporting guidelines help researchers to include every necessary detail in their publications.

CSM members are involved with working groups to develop new guidelines for particular kinds of studies. We also investigate how well reporting guidelines are used and what actions improve their uptake by researchers and journals. 

Read about the EQUATOR Network for more information on the effects of poor reporting and why reporting guidelines are needed.

Current reporting projects

  • Adherence to the REMARK guideline
  • Adherence to the SPIRIT recommendations
  • Adherence to the TRIPOD guideline
  • Development of the GATHER statement: Guidelines for Accurate and Transparent Health Estimates Reporting
  • WebCONSORT: an online tool for improving CONSORT adherence

Outcome guidelines

A major problem in systematic reviews is a lack of consistency in the outcomes measured across studies on the same disease or intervention. As with reporting guidelines, CSM members are involved with working groups to develop the minimum set of outcomes that should be used for studies into particular diseases. We also investigate whether and how well these guidelines are used by researchers.

Current outcome projects

  • Use of the ProFANE (Prevention of Falls Network Europe) outcome set in published studies
  • Development of a core outcomes set for colorectal cancer

Our team

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Reporting guidelines projects can form the basis of a Master's or DPhil research degree.

Raising awareness

The EQUATOR Network educates researchers on the use of reporting guidelines

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