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Dr Iveta Simera joined the Global Health Trials Programme’s Writing and Publication Skills Month, explaining how reporting guidelines help to create excellent research papers that can make a difference.

This November, the Global Health Trials Programme celebrated good research communication in its Writing and Publication Skills Month. Clinical trialists want their research to truly make a difference. That requires excellently written, understandable research papers that reach and can be used by their intended audience. Over the month, the Programme’s Publication Skills Page has filled with great advice, resources, and Q&As with key people. A range of free online skills modules are also available.

Dr Iveta Simera of the EQUATOR Network contributed a seminar to the Publication Skills Page, talking about research waste, reproducibility, and how to use reporting guidelines. She outlined the key problems in the current health research literature and highlighted the consequences of inadequate reporting of research. She explained how to use reporting guidelines to create a transparent, usable research paper, guaranteed to have impact. The seminar was presented as part of the Nuffield Department of Medicine’s Tropical Medicine Seminar Series.

The Global Health Trials Programme is a collaboration between research organisations working in clinical trials from around the world. It brings clinical trialists together to share knowledge on a web-based platform. The Programme is one of 30 member areas on the Global Health Network. This digital platform aims to accelerate and streamline research by facilitating collaboration and resource sharing for global health. Visit the Network to join the clinical research community, share your experience, and benefit from others’ guidance, experience, and expertise.