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CSM members serve on trial steering committees, which provide overall supervision of trials.

In all its dealings, a Trial Steering Committee holds the rights, safety, and well-being of the trial participants as its primary focus. It provides overall supervision of the trial, by:

  • Monitoring trial progress and conduct
  • Approving the final protocol and checking compliance during the trial
  • Advising on scientific credibility
  • Acting on the recommendations of the Data Monitoring Committee
  • Deciding whether the trial should be stopped early for safety or efficacy

The Trial Steering Committee is made up of a chairperson and at least two other members who are all independent of the investigators, their employing organisations, funders, and sponsors. CSM members serve as independent chairs or members of committees for trials that are independent of the University of Oxford.

One or two principal investigators also sit on the committee. The trial co-ordinator and statisticians, and observers from the funder and host institutions also attend all meetings.

The NHS and MRC offer more information and guidance on the role of the trial steering committee.

Please get in touch to invite CSM statisticians to serve on your DMC or TSC.