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The CSM conducts medical research and has a programme of applied statistics research to improve medical research

What we do

Our Statistics Research team carries out applied statistical research on the design, conduct and reporting of medical research. We focus on topics relevant to clinical oncology and are particularly interested in how randomised controlled trials, systematic reviews, and prognostic modelling are conducted.

Medical research must be based on sound methodology if it is to be useful, usable and reproducible. We want our research to be practically relevant for clinicians and medical researchers, helping them to carry out excellent research. Our work ultimately benefits patients and improves patient care. 

Our Medical Research team conducts research on healthcare topics. We synthesise the existing literature to produce systematic reviews and use clinical data to create prognostic models. We also provide statistical input at all stages of clinical trials and other clinical and preclinical research projects. We are involved from grant application and design to publication. Our input helps to ensure that clear questions are asked and answered. We work with clinical trial units and researchers across the UK.

Read more about the research we do, both conducting and improving medical research.

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